Industry data and research highlights the investment performance benefits and opportunities of REIT-based real estate investments to institutional and individual investors, financial advisers, policymakers and the media. Nareit provides a range of stock performance data for both domestic and global REITs as well as a series of industry performance measures tracked daily, monthly and yearly. 

Market Commentary
How Geography and Commute Times Affect Work from Home

According to data from Google on all workers and Kastle on office workers, workers in gateway cities are more likely to work from home.

Percent of pre-pandemic visits to workplace
How Much are Americans Working from Home?

Evidence is emerging that hybrid or remote work is becoming a permanent feature for many office workers.

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Global Real Estate Underperforms Broader Markets as Volatility Persists

The FTSE EPRA/Nareit Global Real Estate Index Series underperformed broader markets in May as turbulent trading conditions persisted.

REIT Earnings Review: 2019Q4-2022Q1

Charting the change in REIT earnings, represented as funds from operations over the course of the pandemic.

REIT earnings review 2019 - 2022
REITs Underperformed Broader Markets in Another Volatile Month for Equities

REITs underperformed broader markets for the month of May but outperformed on a year-to-date basis as equity markets continued to be buffeted by heightened volatility.

REITs Post Record High FFO in the First Quarter of 2022

REIT earnings, as measured by funds from operations, increased 30.9% from the previous year to a record high of over $18 billion in the first quarter of 2022, according to the Nareit T-Tracker®.

FFO by REIT Sectors
Commercial Real Estate Performance Remained Strong in the First Quarter of 2022

Commercial real estate fundamentals continue to point to strong performance in the retail, multifamily, and industrial sectors.

REIT Operating Performance Remains Strong Against High Inflation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the April 2022 Consumer Price Index data showing a much smaller monthly increase in prices in April than in March.

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REITWatch is a monthly statistical publication intended to provide a snapshot of the REIT industry. It includes data derived from the FTSE Nareit U.S. Real Estate Index Series and the FTSE/EPRA Nareit Global Real Estate Index Series in addition to tracking the performance of individual REITs.

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